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What we Protect?

We at iSquad offer Product Insurance to protect your electronic products. If you find any of the product defective simply ship it to us. We offer convenient and reliable free shipping so that you’re not out-of-pocket. Make your next purchase a hassle-free one as the Products you purchase are insured.

Accidental Damage

If you had dropped or Spilled on your Device. We’ll cover the complete cost to Repair.

Product Replacement

If your Product is not working. We offers your total Replacement of the Device.


Anyone you gift/give the covered device, will also get the services under iSquad Accidental Coverage!

Claim Support

We’re here to take care of you & your devices!

We Got It All Covered!

Drops & Cracked Screen

Spills & Liquid Damage

Screen Failure

Won't Power On

Broken Hinges

Hardware Defects

Cracked Laptop Casing

Mechanical Failure

Interal Parts & Repairs

Battery Replacement

Hard Drive Failure

Accessory Damage

Trust Part Got Covered By Customers!

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