CA Supply Chain Disclosure

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure

iSquad Inc. provides this statement agreeable to its obligations under the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act 2010 (SB 657).

California Transparency Supply Chains Act 2010

The California Transparency Supply Chains Act 2010 is envisioned to provide public information from manufacturers regarding the activities they engage in to monitor their supply chains to prevent slavery and human trafficking. These disclosures let consumers and businesses to make more informed decisions regarding the products they select to purchase and the companies with whom they choose to conduct business.

iSquad Inc. is committed to forming business only with suppliers who adhere to the highest ethical standards and comply with laws and regulations applicable to their business. iSquad Inc. has undertaken actions to make sure that the services and materials provided to iSquad Inc. meet this commitment.

Supplier Assessments and Qualification

Prior to engagement of a supplier, iSquad Inc. evaluates the supplier through a risk-based valuation. Such valuations may include supplier audits and questionnaires of supplier facilities. iSquad Inc. expects all potential suppliers to adhere to the highest ethical and quality standards.

Supplier Performance Reviews

iSquad Inc. is obligated to continuous improvement in its supply chain. iSquad Inc. and its suppliers perceive business performance through periodic evaluation and review of defined performance objectives and targets.

Supplier Audits

iSquad Inc. consistently audits suppliers to confirm agreement with supplier performance and quality standards. Audits are performed by iSquad Inc. or third parties contracted by iSquad Inc. So you can keep peace of mind.

Supplier Agreements

iSquad Inc. has supply, quality agreements and purchase order terms and conditions with all of its suppliers. These disclosures include agreement to comply with all rules and regulations applicable to the supply of the material or service.

Employee Training and Compliance

All iSquad Inc. employees are required to comply with iSquad Inc. Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. All iSquad Inc. employees participate in annual training on the company’s Code to make sure understanding and compliance with the requirements of the Code. This training includes training on ethical decision making and upholding laws and regulations. In addition, iSquad Inc. maintains a compliance program that conducts regular audits of the requirements under the Code, investigates potential violations of the Code and takes disciplinary action when necessary.